Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Imp

Our youngest earned herself a new nickname. Of our three kids, she is most certainly the most mischievous, most likely to make up wild stories and giggles constantly. She is four and younger than most of her friends. She doesn't turn five until August and since she has been wanting to be FIVE since she was THREE, all these five year old birthdays that she is attending are making her all the more eager for her own. She told me that she absolutely, completely was totally sure that she wants a Minnie Mouse birthday party.

This weekend as we watched her flit to and fro during a church BBQ my husband turned to me and said, "We can officially consider this one an imp, couldn't we?" As soon as he said it we both laughed; a truer description does not exist! Yesterday, before school, she asked me to give her two "piggie tay-ws" and when she saw that they stuck straight up, she giggled and bounced up and down gleefully.

She has been looking and acting rather grown up lately, so much so that even the older two kids remarked that Charlotte isn't a baby anymore(!) as if they were surprised at the realization. These pwitty piggies and chubby cheeks and baby hands help me to slow time just a teeeeensy bit.

Yup, she's the Imp alright!

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