Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quiet But Busy

It's been quieter than usual here, I know. I have had the opportunity to join a writing group with {in}courage and it has been wonderful. Each week we have a couple of prompts to write about and we share them with one another for encouragement and critique. This is a big step for me. Yes, I know I share every day through my blog, but the prompts in this group have been particularly hard hitting for me and knowing what people really think of my writing is scaaaary! They have me thinking and praying about things I haven't thought and prayed about in a long time. It's good, very good.

A few weeks ago I joined another, smaller writing group through the Influence Network and met four of the most amazing women. Each week we trade emails, chat and video chat about current projects, future projects, our goals, or just be silly. We pray for one another, grieve for one another and laugh together. All though our computer screens. It's been wonderful to connect with these women who understand and share my goals specific to writing, photography, blogging, and publishing.

I have taken a couple jobs, which are busying my days more, but it's nice to do a little something extra to contribute. Balance is the name of the game these days.

In the last year God has been laying it on my heart to be more intentional in my community, specifically the street we live on and the surrounding area. My first thing was starting the Girl Scout troop, which is going strong (anyone want cookies? No, really... I am terrified we won't sell them all!). Several little girls on our street joined. Through Girl Scouts we did a Caroling and Hot Chocolate Bonfire in our driveway and met lots of neighbors who were thrilled by the gesture. Last week Lily and I were selling cookies and met Connie, a sweet older woman who lives down the street from us. She was tickled by Lily in her uniform and asked if we would come visit her sometime and said if we ever did a block party she would come. I guess we need to throw Connie a block party!

I'm also working on a post or two to follow up on the Beyonce hubbub of  a few weeks back. Finding the right words is hard sometimes, so I am taking my time rather than rushing to get my voice out there. Think before we speak and all that.

What are you up to these days?

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