Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's Talk Downton Abbey - Season 3, Episode 2 (and a little Golden Globes thrown in)

All you non-west coasters had to make a hard choice last night: Golden Globes or Episode 2 of Downton Abbey? Twitter would have us believe it was the worst calamity since...I don't know what. First world problems at their finest, at any rate.

We actually rarely catch awards shows, we are usually out or we forget. Yesterday was perfect as the husband was out most of the day and had no say in what I watched. I never caught onto the fact that the West Coast gets both the live feed and the "previously recorded feed", but finally last night, I happened to be on twitter and noticed some west coasters tweeting about the globes.

So, my run-on sentence thoughts on the globes:

Yay, Brave, clearly we need cable because I hadn't heard of or can't watch half the nominated tv shows and miniseries, poor Leah Dunham (were her shoes too small or something?), Jodie Foster was gorgeous, but her rambling made me very uncomfortable for her, I couldn't help but love Robert Downey Jr's weird suit, Daniel Day Lewis, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were too cute, Daniel Day Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence = hilarious, the UK contengency (aside from Helen Mirren) did not seem to find us funny at ALL (which made it that much more funny for us), Tina Fey+Amy Phoeler+award shows=winning (and clearly no love lost between them and T-swift, ouch), Daniel Day Lewis.

(PS, I think I broke my grammar check on my laptop, the red lines are out in full force in that paragraph!)

Ok, on to the more important things: Downton Abbey. Avert your eyes NOW if you haven't seen Episode 2 of Season 3.

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Matthew, Matthew, Matthew. -  Right when he was becoming insufferable, a letter magically appears, absolving him of all Livinia related guilt. How convenient. Plus, clearly she was a saint. I guess every television drama needs one. If I were Mary, I would be none to happy about the never-ending Livinia guilt. Glad to see that, for now, it's put to rest. I still think the other heir will suddenly materialize and Matthew will need to depart to India for some reason and that, my friends, will be the end of Matthew. Yes, I will probably mention this every week. At least until I am reasonably sure I'm wrong. Then I will stop mentioning it and deny I every thought that was going to happen.

SIR ANTHONY IS DEAD TO ME. - I did not see that coming. Edith needs her day! Give the poor girl some love! Seriously, don't ever mention his name to me again. I may even delete comments that mention him. Whatever goodwill the old man got by outing Tom's tormentor is is gone. GONE. (Concession: as plot twists go, I gotta hand it to ol' Fellowes, it's a good one. Now, give Edith some awesome, please.)

SUIT GATE -  I'm probably the only one who noticed that in the dinner scene Tom was the only one in black tie, while everyone else was in white. He's so rebellious.

THOMAS VS. O'BRIEN - Delicious! I dig their rotten ways, and having no Bates to torture it makes perfect sense they would need to turn on each other. More, please!

FREE BATES! - Ugh. I still hate where they are taking this storyline. Look, we all know Bates didn't kill his wife! Why are the writers having a bad time with this? Bates is a stand up guy, to imply anything else risks jumping the shark, in my opinion.

ETHEL - A less sympathetic character has not come along since Mrs. Bates. I just don't care what happens to this girl. Please, make her just the tiniest bit likable or else drop the storyline.

WHERE'S SHIRLEY? - Her take on everything would have been awesome. 

The preview for next week that got me: WHERE'S SYBIL!

Ok, those are just my thoughts for now. What did I miss? I know I missed stuff, but that's what stuck out to me.

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