Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Awesome in the Kitchen*

When I said that I could eat pumpkin every day in the fall, I think I took it as a challenge to myself. I'm pretty sure I have had pumpkin every single day the last two weeks. I made pumpkin chili, pumpkin spaghetti sauce, pumpkin veggie soup and tonight my son and I made pumpkin curry.

Now, before you all furrow up your brows at what I have been adding pumpkin to, remember that pumpkin is pretty mild. You have to have a ton of pumpkin for it to really register "PUMPKIN". In the recipes I have used it in the pumpkin has come across just as squash, as an added depth of flavor, which is what we want, right? Let's just go with that. I sounded all smart and culinary there.

I'm about to ruin that with my "recipe". Anyone who has eaten at my house and has asked me what my recipe is for something has been met with a sheepish, "uuuuuhhh, I don't know...." I don't measure anything, I don't follow recipes, I add things and substitute things and usually remember nothing.

I made a pumpkin curry with what we had on hand. Tyler assured me that he could help chop up veggies and since I am a firm believer that kids are more likely to eat what they have helped, I was happy to let him.

He was beside himself with pride, grinning from ear to ear describing what he had helped make that I could not help grabbing the camera to video him. Naturally, as soon as I started recording Mr. Nonchalance came out to play, but I know the truth (and he ate two bowls).

If you want to try some version of pumpkin + curry, Pinterest is my tried and true friend.

My original title was "Cute in the Kitchen" but I have some big headed talent. He informed me that boys are NOT cute, they are AWESOME, then demanded I change the title. Hey, I want him to keep letting me do this, so I went with it.


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  2. Pumpkin yogurt stuff!! I love him!

  3. Yeah, Kate I love that part! I may have watched it three times just to laugh at that! And the precise clarification of what he would and wouldn't do.


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