Friday, June 15, 2012

Forever Young

Last weekend my husband and I went to an 80s Prom themed birthday party. It was as hilarious as you might expect an 80s prom themed birthday party would be, which is to say pretty darn hilarious. I tried to find an 80s prom dress that would fit me, but had no luck, darn it. Not being one to go with the crowd anyway, we decided to go the completely other way and dress up as teachers.
Not the "cool" teachers, no the mean teachers that ruined everyone's fun by enforcing all the rules to the letter of the law. AKA, this scene was not very pretty. Not very pretty at all. Clearly I have no shame. In my daughters words : "Wow, Mom, you are an UGLY teacher." Ah. Well.

The above awesome pictures were taken by Eikon Photography. The bottom lame ones were taken by me.

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