Monday, June 4, 2012

Disneyland ::Who We Met::

Because you all were dying to know (or because I am too lazy to come up with a better blog post) I will show you a bunch of pictures of my kids in Disneyland without you. We missed you, though! No. Really. 

We managed to go to Disneyland and not see a single Princess. Some would call this a success, but I think my daughters would disagree. Not that they were in the least unhappy with who they did meet. Note to grandmothers: yes, I will be giving you copies of all the pictures; no, it won't happen this week. Soon!

So that this isn't the most boring post ever for everyone else, here is some unscolicited advice: if your kids are at all interested in charaters GO TO A CHARACTER MEAL.

Seriously. It's worth it to be able to sit down, enjoy a mediocre meal and have all the characters come to you. It saved us hours in hunting down characters and whining from our son who couldn't give a rip if he saw a singe one. It also satiated the girls' need for character interaction enough so that not meeting princesses was really no big deal. Wheew!

Our youngest daughter is super into characters even though she kept saying things like "How does the guy see?" "Why won't the guy in there talk to me?" "Is it hot in there for the guy, mommy?" I spent half the time shushing her so she wouldn't destroy other kids' dreams. Princesses, by the way, she completely buys as real because they are "people" not costumes. Hilarious, that kid. And way too smart for us.

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