Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Noelle (or An Excuse for Adults to Have a YA Novel Themed Party)

When my sister mentioned a few months ago that she wanted to have a Hunger Games themed birthday party my pre-teen heart skipped a beat. Several, actually. I had just finished reading the books and she was almost done reading hers. I loved the books and the detail Suzanne Collins put into describing food and decor and clothes. All things that lend well towards obsessive compulsive party planning. Enter in my sister's perfectly placed birthday during opening weekend of the movie and you have yourself the makings of a fun crazytown party.

I tried to talk Noelle into waiting until Saturday for her party so she could have friends over for the party, but being true to her 13 years she begged me to ask our mom if she could go to the 12:02am showing on Friday morning and miss school the next day. As you can see our mom caved and hardcore party planning commenced.

Birthday Girl Surveys the spread, while my 8 year old, who really knows nothing about the books tells her what's what.

Mildly embarrassed, but so excited.

We actually told Noelle we were just going to the movie and said nothing about the party which featured our interpretations of food from the books and some pretty awesome decor, if I do say so myself. I realise I won't be featured on anyone's pinterest board, any time soon, but if you don't think those paper fireballs I made don't really look like they are burning, we can't be friends.

The brave sould staying up till 3 am to watch a movie. Note the obvious lack of 13 year old and the super awesome Granny.
Yes, I made a bow and arrow set. And yes, Noelle and I discussed whether she should  wear the set to the movie. (She decided not to be that fan. This time.)


We are all Team Peeta (Duh, isn't everyone?). Aaron, just dosen't want to admit it.

We had bookmarks, but somehow ended up with only one Peeta bookmark, which we fought over. The 13 year old was the mature one and let someone else have it.

Next week I will post about the food and some recipes. I made the Orange Chicken in Cream Sauce lunch with Cinna. It was pretty delish.

Also, we will have to discuss what we liked/didn't like about the movie.

Behold the awesome fire.


  1. That is so AWESOME! I went to see the movie yesterday with my husband, and I was almost THAT fan. I did wear boots, scrubby jeans, a brown sweater and an awesome neon orange backpack I scored at the 99 cents store! (That's one thing I picked on of the movie... want to know if we had the same ideas about what we liked/didn't lie...).
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks!! I'm thinking with each movie we will be getting geekier with our outfits. We all wore boots, braids and grubby jeans!


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