Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bring It.

Two more weeks. In two more weeks the madness of school begins again, this time with two! Lily starts kindergarten and boy are we excited. Since last year's decision to have Tyler do 1st grade again we are doubly grateful that God laid it on our hearts to have Lily start kindergarten this year rather than last year. She has an October birthday so she would have been four for two full months of kindergarten and it just felt young.

It's a blessing that is for sure. Our kids are friends, yes, but competitive to the core. I can't imagine what being in the same grade would have done for their relationship. Maybe nothing. Maybe it would have been awful. I'm just glad we don't have to find out.

I'm not a weepy mom come the first day of school. I honestly thought I would be given my penchant for tears during commercials and birthdays and memorable family moments. It might be that my emotions are clouded with early mornings, and lunch making and homework battles. At least that has been our experience thus far. I think I have conquered the early morning thing much to my husband's relief. He took care of getting Tyler ready and out the door last year, but those days were numbered.

The kids had 8:30 am tennis and swim lessons all summer that required me to be dressed and out the door at 8 am, so we know I'm capable, if not willing. At least for dropping kids off at school I don't actually have to get dressed, right?


  1. Who was the comedian from the 60's who said all you need are pearls over your robe? I can't remember, but it's worth a try! That's got to work with a ratty tee as well. Also, what was that? Lily's in kindergarten already?

  2. I do own pearls! And yes, kindergarten. Wasn't she just two yesterday?


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