Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Capitol Dawg}

Phone: 916.444.1226
1226 20th Street (Between Capitol & L)
Hours: 11a-8p Monday-Saturday, 11a-9p on 2nd Saturdays, closed Sundays
I wasn’t planning on posting this yet, but since Groupon is featuring Capitol Dawg for Sacramento’s deal, I thought I’d give them a shout out and tell you to go get a Groupon if they are still available.
They had me at hello. I was pretty hopeful that a place willing to call 1/3 of their potential critics idiots right from the get-go was good. We went to Capitol Dawg on a weekday around 5, so it was dead, which is a serious plus when your menu is mind numbingly long and you have to order for four kids (my 12 year old sister was with us) and your selves. Everyone ordered quickly except me. I hemmed and hawed and changed my order once or twice, which is a luxury probably not afforded to most people since I have heard it can get busy in there. Pays to eat dinner at senior citizen hours, I guess. Oh yeah, it was also St. Patrick's Day, so people probably weren’t at the point yet where a hot dog slathered with chili cheese and hot pepper sauce sounded good.
The décor is fun and it was tempting to sit inside just to look at it all, but the weather was nice and rain was in the forecast so we took the show outside to their patio.  221
Notice that tiny green frame on the wall? Justin Beiber eating a hot dog. Yuck. I took a picture of it because it got my sister all red faced and googly eyed (I’m only this mean because my teenage crush was much more original – Fred Savage from the Wonder Years. Everyone else was all about Jordan Knight or Donnie Wahlberg.).
Prop 51 (Chicago Style) - mustard, green relish, onions, tomato, kosher dill pickle spear, sport peppers, celery salt , poppy seed bun
Sutter’s Fort (Our own taco style) guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese, mild salsa with grilled onions added. It was decided that my hot dog was the best. WIN for the hemming and hawing!
Tesla Dawg  (Coney style): mustard, chili, onions.


  1. I bought two groupons and hope to be making my my first visit to capitol dawg, very soon.

  2. i saw your title and initially thought of the groupon too! We love, love, love CD! So, you were there on the 17th when I was at Sutter's Fort. It is like you were channeling me through your order.

  3. Amanda! (@*&^#^%#! We would have taken the kids if I had remembered! They would have LOVED it.

    Mandy, It's amazing. I'm taking my SIL for her bday tomorrow.

  4. HI Claire, It was nice to meet you last week at the SMC Social. I love the Sac Love on your blog! I haven't tried Capitol Dawg yet, but I'm quite fanatical about hot dogs so I think I need to get on it, your post might've been the tipping point.


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