Monday, March 28, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {California Auto Museum}

093This picture will be embarrassing these kids for years to come. 

California Auto Museum

2200 Front Street Sacramento, CA 95818-1106
Ph: (916) 442-6802

7 days a week - 10a – 6p
Third Thursdays open until 9p
Admission is FREE for members
$8 Adults
$7 Vintage (65 and older)
$4 Students (with current student ID)
Children 4 and Under free
Call for group rates, Reduced for AAA members

I have lived in Sacramento for umpteen years and only went to the California Auto Museum for the first time last week. This is a fact that I find particularly noteworthy for several reasons. First, growing up my parents took us to museums all the time. Every time we traveled we trotted to all the local museums. Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum? Been there. Creepy Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum? Done that. (Twice! Once as a kid and once on my honeymoon. Yup, dragged the man there two days into our marriage. We’re still married, so that’s something.) World of Coca-Cola “Museum”? Bought the t-shirt.


Second, I have three brothers. How could any self respecting parent of boys not take them to a museum devoted to cars?  Ok, that was probably stereotypically lame, not all boys love cars, but it brings me nicely to my third and final point. 

My dad and brothers loved vintage cars! We spent many a weekend at vintage car shows! How did we not go to the auto museum? Of course, now one of my brothers is going to comment saying they had memberships or something and just never took me because I was a self absorbed teenage girl, whatever, guys. What. Ever. Ha! Who am I kidding, my brothers don’t read my blog.


Anyway, The auto museum was a total win for our 7 year old. As soon as we walked in and he saw the kelly green Lamborghini he was saying “Mom. MOM, MOM. You are soooo awesome! Thank you for bringing me here!” Charlotte (the 2 year old) was tailing him saying “Awesome! Awesome!” in her little helium sounding voice.  Lily is generally too cool for everyone, but she was pretty excited herself. Go mom!


The experience was even more fun because we were escorted most of the time by a very knowledgeable docent (whose name I forget, bad me). He was a super nice retired CHP officer and was patient with our kids who might possibly have had a hard time keeping their paws off an Italian race car or two.



This beast was entirely “home”made out of Caddy parts! It ended up at the museum when it broke down not to far away from Sacramento. The owner decided to donate it and built a whole new one! Our docent said that it was a huge hit at last year’s State Fair. I’m hoping they bring it out again this year because I want to see that puppy up close.

I took probably 100 pictures on our visit; I’ll show some restraint and stop posting so that you have something to enjoy when you go to the California Auto Museum.

Because you are gonna go, riiiight?


  1. I have hundreds of shots of the all the old suitcases in the trunks!

  2. I took my kids when I had my 35th birthday. Just 2 boys then :) and yes, a great place.

  3. Great perspective as well as acknowledgement of the all-knowing and ever-resourceful docents. The museum is a treasure and a fantastic time at an affordable price. It's especially wonderful on warm spring days.


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