Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Isn’t he handsome?



Happy Birthday, Tyler!!

tyler_7 013  “Did you get the picture of me eating my cupcake? Oh, I’ll do it again.”

Right after that bite his brain and his stomach finally had a talk and he looked at me and said sheepishly, “Mom, this frosting is kinda gross.” He had been going to town on the cuppie so fast that he didn’t even realize he didn’t like it till it was almost gone LOL! Lily rejected hers after one bite. They got Bubblegum Cupcakes (vanilla cupcake with bubblegum flavored frosting). I tried it and it wad awful, but you know it’s really bad if a bunch of kids won’t eat it.

tyler_7 023

“Mom-mom-mom, get a picture of me drinking my milk!” One day, when he realizes I have a blog, I will be an unhappy woman. Ignorance is bliss, kid.

tyler_7 018  She was the smartie who asked for “Pink, Mama!” (Or Strawberry Strawberry)

Not her birthday, but gosh darn it! That little face!

Had to share, it was the right thing to do. 

tyler_7 025

And, I am nothing, if not fair, so here is the other cutie.

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