Monday, March 10, 2014

Friday Night Book Club - April Pick

Our book club met for the second time on Friday night, to discuss The Book Thief and decide on the next book we read. I know I said I would post the options here, so even those from afar who want to participate could put their two cents in, but I just could not get my ish together last week to make it happen. I know I also said that I would post questions each week on The Book Thief, but again, my ish. Not together.

Also, I read the book in two days and going back and making questions each week left me freaking out that I would accidentally give off spoilers. So, instead, I will from now on post discussion stuff for those who want to, once a month after book club meets, so that I don't have to frantically look through the book to ensure I didn't mention something from chapter 3 when I should only be talking about chapter 2. These things keep me up at night. I can't get any less sleep than I already do, people.

So. We got together. We chatted. We ate German food inspired by the book - Kelly's amazing pea soup and Jamie's homemade bread and Jen's beer steamed bratwurst and Nina's sangria. Ok, maybe that last one wasn't traditional German food, but it was delish. Once we got the oh, so important business of eating out of the way, and I talked myself into getting up and leading the discussion, we had a great time chatting about what we liked and didn't like about the book.

We all pretty much decided that it was a good book, great even, but no one wanted to read it again. It was just too dark and heavy and the funny bits just didn't overcome the tragedies. We discussed our favorite characters, lots of votes for Hans and Rudy. I personally loved Rosa. Sure, she was a bit...prickly, but as soon as Max arrived and she wholeheartedly rallied for him, I loved her. Plus, she was smart enough to choose Hans, right? I mean, how awful could someone who landed him really be?

I loved Max's stories and drawings. I loved the process of painting over Hitler's awful book to create something meaningful and lovely for Leisel. It made me want to make a book like that. Without having to come in contact with Hitler's insanity, of course. I wish I had the forethought to make some books to bring to the meeting, but we have already established where my ish is (say it with me - not together).

After we talked about The Book Thief, we decided to read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. It's about two high school outcasts who find that they have more in common than they think and fall in love. It's sweet and sad and wonderful and, oh yeah, I read it in one day. I think everyone will love it and if not, they will certainly have strong opinions about it. I can't wait to meet in April and talk about it!

I found this adorable wallpaper based on the books cover on a blog that I am pretty sure I am going to become obsessed with, Novel Sounds. It is a blog that matches books with music. Yes. Please. If you are interested in reading along with us this month you can feel free to use the carousel below to buy the book or any others that strike your fancy. I do get a teensy, tiny commission on your purchases, so if you do choose to support my habit, I thank you!

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