Monday, February 10, 2014

Friday Night Book Club - The Book Thief

It's official, we have a book club. Friday night rolled around and I nervously waited to see if anyone other than my best friends would show up to book club. Fifteen amazing women came to my house and put themselves to the mercies of my crazy ideas. It was fabulous. We laughed and talked and played a goofy game that I made up and ate gelato and drank wine. Yes. MY book club has gelato and wine. If getting to read juicy YA novels wasn't enough, we have gelato, people.

Not to rub in chocolaty Italian desserts to those who can't make it to our meetings, I'm sure it will be just as fun to follow along as we read here on the blog. I can't say that my writing is nearly as delicious as gelato and wine, but I'll try. At the first meeting it was decided that we would read The Book Thief. Outsiders got one vote (poor Ponyboy!) and Thirteen Reasons Why didn't get enough votes to overwhelm the The Book Thief contingency.

For those of you following along, I will do a small summary/discussion each Friday. We will divide the book into four parts.

Week 1 - Prolougue through Part Two
Week 2 - Part Three through Part Five
Week 3 - Part Six though Part Eight
Week 4 - Part Nine through The Handover Man

That is just the order of how we will go through the book here on the blog, if you are like me, you will read the whole book in one sitting, anyway. I read the first page and had to tear myself away; I can tell it's going to pull me right in and not let go and it's midnight.

Ain't nobody got time to stay up all might reading, so I'll get my start tomorrow. Besides, these late night Olympics aren't going to watch themselves. I can only stay up so late, people and people with a death wish luging (Or is it lugeing? Sledding. They are all uber-sledding. Let's call a spade a spade, k?) at a million miles an hour wins.

You can click the link below to purchase a hard copy of the book or a kindle copy from Amazon. I do receive a small amount of money when you purchase from the Amazon carousel and you would receive high fives from my husband for saving him some money on my book habit.

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