Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fairytale Town Maternity Pictures

When our friends Jason and Carolyn announced they were moving to Tennessee I could have spit nails. My husband and I have known Jason since before we were married. Jason and Aaron would have gaming days where Jason would bring over his PC and he and Aaron would play computer games all day while I made snacks and watched lame tv. Later, we were all in Bible studies together and always had great conversations about life and faith and books and stuff. A few years ago Jason introduced us to a friend of his named Carolyn. Within minutes of meeting her I knew that Carolyn would someday be his wife, because it was not at all possible that there could be a more perfect woman for him than she.

Very quickly, Carolyn and I became friends, meeting for coffee and wonderful conversations. One of my favorite things about Carolyn is that she dives right past small talk straight into soul talk. She is one of those people that you just don't mind opening up to, even if you just met her. You really forget that you haven't known her all your life when you are talking to her, which is why when they moved to Tennessee eighteen months ago I may have shed more than a few tears.

Several months ago, my phone rang and it was a giddy Jason and Carolyn announcing they were pregnant. It was right around when I started taking pictures more seriously and my second thought (after SQUEEEE!!!) was, oooh I hope I get good enough to be able to take maternity pics!

In December, they came back to Sacramento for Christmas, a whirlwind baby shower, and yes, a maternity photo shoot. I love all the pictures I have been honored to take in the last few months, but these might just be my extra special favorites.

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