Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Aaron's birthday is November 30th, which is a perfect day to begin celebrating Christmas. You know, in addition to his birthday. The last few years we have had a small cocktail party with friends to sort of kick off the holiday season and squeeze in a little bit of birthday celebrating before things get crazy for the holidays. 

We got a silver tree last year after I hemmed and hawwed for a few weeks. Silver is a bold choice, so it took me awhile to hit "buy", but oh my goodness, I love it. It goes great with all the old decorations my Granny gives me every year. Or rather, I beg her to give me every year. It's possible that I "happen" to go over to her house and "offer" to help put things away and, "Oh, Granny, if you are looking to get rid of any of your old ornaments I'll be happy to take them..." If she wasn't on to me before (she was), there is no doubt she is now; she and Grandpa may be my only regular readers (Hi, Granny and Grandpa!). I'll be over to help clear out the decorations in a few weeks.
We (the wives) like to dress up, and (make our husbands) wear crazy holiday sweaters, so this year the "themes" collided, but all us girls in our cocktail dresses and high heels, vowed that next year will be all crazy Christmas sweaters. Please, remind me, when I undoubtedly forget and say "cocktail attire" again.

Happy birthday, dear husband. Thanks for being born and stuff.

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