Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Communion

After you vote, I hope that you will consider joining us at a special Election Day Communion where we can come together and remember what we have in common as believers. Arcade Church is opening its doors at 7pm in the gym for us to gather. Childcare is provided, though I believe we will take this opportunity to worship and remember with our children.

There are many ways to run a country, serve the poor, represent women and support our families. Today Americans are choosing between two very imperfect men to lead our country forward.  As important as this election is, remembering the One who truly is sovereign over all, is far more important.

Through communion, believers of Jesus Christ can come together in prayer, remembrance and celebration of His sacrifice. We may not all sit at the same table politically, but those of us who are believers can come into fellowship together at our father's table.

Frankly, I am more excited about our upcoming communion celebration than I am about finding out who the president is.

My hope is that we all remember that once results come through, half our country will be overjoyed, while the other half will be greatly disappointed. My prayer is that, as a country we will trust God's hand in the election results and respectfully and lovingly move forward. My greatest hope is that we can begin to treat each other, and our elected officials with care and respect that we all deserve. Exactly how I believe Jesus would have us do.

Arcade Church Election Night Communion 
7pm; childcare is provided
Cryder Hall/Gym
3927 Marconi Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821

(916) 972-1617

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