Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of School pt 2

First off, I want to say thank you for your wonderful response to last night's post. I am thrilled that so many people want to help the homeless of our city. Making little help bags is surely a small act, but may be huge in terms of encouragement for those in need. Please continue to share the post and be sure to leave a comment with how many bags you would like to pledge to get out from now until Christmas. It's not that the number matters, it truly doesn't, but the truth is that when people see momentum they can can inspired to help. It's a good thing to have a goal as a group and strive for it together. I can already see that it is going to bring people together who wouldn't normally work together and, friends, that makes me happy.

Now. I need to share my littlest's  first day of school pictures. There are interested aunties and grandmas, you know. Charlotte is one excited little girl to be finally going to school! Last week while the big kids were in school she would pathetically wander around the house asking, "Is it time? Is it time to get Tylew and Liwly?" with droopy dog eyes. Very sad. Very adorable. We did have some fun at the park and having treats that the big kids didn't get, but it just wasn't the same as having her own place to go or having her siblings around to bother play with.
Finally Monday morning rolled around. Guess who was the first one up at too-early-o'clock? Aside from Dad. Yes, you know who. The morning was frenzied, as all mornings here are. The big kids' carpool comes at 7:45 am. Once they were ushered out the door, Charlotte was ready for her school debut. The hour between seeing her siblings off and the time to leave for school was an agonizing one. She trailed me around the house, "Is it time? Is it time? Is it time?"

Finally, we jumped in the car and headed towards school. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, she informed me that I could drop her off and she would let herself into the building.  I appreciate an independent minded four year old, I really do, but I'm pretty sure there are rules against that.

We got out of the car, she explored the playground and got in line to greet her teacher. There were lots of hugs. Charlotte is a cuddle bug, but I think it was too much hugging before 9:30am, she kept standing there, stiff backed while teachers hugged her, introduced themselves and said hello. She was friendly, but the hugging was a bit much, I guess. Once in the classroom, the Kay, Mom, you can go now's started again. At least one kid's mom looked at me enviously as her son melted down at her feet.

I stuck around until circle started, and noticed the only glimmer of self doubt. The kids started singing a song she didn't know. I could see the confidence slide from her face. She begins to fuss with her hair when she is uncomfortable. While the other kids did the movements to the song, she played with her ponytail. As soon as the song was over, she grinned at me, confidence back and I quickly exited the room. At this morning's drop off she waved me away as soon as she greeted her teacher. She didn't even look back. I love that big girl!


  1. So sweet! I can see her nervously playing with her hair now... I miss that little girl!

  2. Our girls are going to have so much fun this year! ...And I did see that Charlotte gave Miss Rosa a big hug after class showing that she felt right at home!

    P.S. My parent's community group made "Hungry Bags" to give to the homeless last Spring. They might be doing it again soon. Remind me to tell you about it...


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