Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Under The Sea Birthday

I think these pictures tell the story of the fun day we had celebrating our little girl. It was great how the whole family pitched in to make this a special day for Charlotte. She loved everything. What was really adorable was that the next day she asked me "Mommy, when is my REAL party?" I laughed and said "Oh honey, trust me, that was your real party!" She very seriously looked at me and said, "No. Eden wasn't there, so it wasn't my real party." Eden is one of her best little friends and she just knew a party without her friend just wasn't a real party! Too adorable!

But she isn't getting another party until next year!

Now we switch focus to big sister's Brave birthday. I need to quadruple check that is theme she wants but if prepared to participate in Scottish Highlands games with your "clan", friends! Now I am off to call my Granny and see what our family plaid is and if she has a copy of our crest me, she probably does!


  1. Whoa girl! For a woman who doesn't like birthday parties, you know how to throw a par-tay! So cute! :)

  2. lol! It's my lack of restraint during planning and the stress of making sure my kids behave/aren't rude that kills me. We may have turned a corner, though! This party was fun AND I didn't wait till the last minute to do things. *Sigh* maybe I am growing up! ;)

  3. Man I wanna go back and be a kid again and have parties like that. I feel gypped. Looks awesome!


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