Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Parties Aren’t Just for Kids (especially this one)


My love of throwing parties is kinda a joke among our friends. I will find any excuse under the sun to throw a party. Kids birthdays, my birthdays, the dog’s birthdays. Never  mind that we don’t own a dog. At first I was going to throw the kids a Valentine making party, but the logistics of getting all their friends together and then the reality of having any number of preschoolers and first graders in my house with glitter and glue….pretty much led me to deciding to have a grown up party. Enter the cupcakes, wine and vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs.


{I lost the camera battery on my good camera and my crappy camera produces crappy photos, so sorry for that!} But I dug out all my paper scraps and whatnot so that a few girlfriends and I could make valentines for our friends and family. However, not long after we started we found the stack of early ‘70s pen and ink Fredericks catalogs and, well, the rest was history. They are a little risque, but boy did we ever have fun making them and laughing all night.  We pretty much decided that none of the guys in our lives were getting them and made mental lists of girlfriends to send them too, so consider yourself warned!

pinup girls


  1. toooo cute Claire! I think that's a very fun idea to send them to your girlfriends too, the guys just wouldn't appreciate them like they would.
    Happy Valentines day,

  2. lol sorry Nikki! Did I shock you? For the record, the crafting occured after Amanda left so she was innocent! ;)


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