Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day – California Style


Living in the Sacramento Valley doesn't give us the surprise treat of a snow day, so we make our own, usually over the many three day weekends January and February have to offer. One year the snow level was particularly low and we had a quick 45 minute drive up to Apple Hill to enjoy snow, apple pie and hot cider. It was great and since the kids were little it was a relatively quick trip since they were over it pretty quickly.

Yeah, not so much the case this year. We drove a couple hours and when we hadn’t even hit the snowline yet, we started to panic. Luckily I spotted a campground from the freeway which was shaded enough that there were some patches of snow here and there. Being California kids they didn’t even realize what they were missing and were just thrilled to be playing in the white stuff.  snowday2

  Gloves? I don’t need no stinking gloves!

(for those who might be wondering (grandma) Tyler was here, but I didn’t get any good shots of him, he was a blur the whole time we were there.)

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