Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm not making resolutions...No really!

Let it be known here that I hate New Year's Resolutions. Hate. Them. No one keeps them, few actually mean them in the first place and even fewer can keep them past January 2nd. And really, by no one, I mean me. Other people probably make and keep resolutions all the time, I'm just not one of them. That being said here is my list of new years*ahem* goals. Call it a list of cool things I want to do, with a few good for me bits in there, too.

1. Make the shirt above. It was in the Anthropologie catalog over the summer and I couldn't in my wildest dreams afford it, but it is completely makeable. Maybe this year I'll get to!

2. Do something creative everyday

3. Do something for my business everyday

4. Journal my day in simple terms mostly for the sake of seeing how may days go when our kids are grown. So many funny little things happen and I don't want to forget.

5. Wear more hats. Especially if they look like this one
6. Buy something from Etsy every month. It's good to support fellow creatives and a small once of month purchase is easy to do and keeps the fun mail coming!
7. Write more letters - just because. And mail is very fun. If I can make someone's day then all the better.
8. Participate in more swaps. I like mail. I like presents. I like making presents. I like being directed creatively and a swap does just that.

And then this is the doozie.

9. Give handmade ALL. YEAR. LONG. So if you invite me to your birthday, expect me to make you something. That may get me kicked off a few birthday lists.

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