Wednesday, June 2, 2010


How did it get to be June already?? Summer is fast approaching and let me tell you, this momma can't wait. Days at the pool, the park, BBQs with friends and family, my birthday, our anniversary, Charlotte's birthday...Summer is FULL. It's going to be a very fun summer, though. I have committed to train with a friend for her triathlon this fall. Please note the "for HER triathlon". I have no problem training for said madness, but ther is no way in heck I will be competing. I do not have a particularly competitive nature and the though of actually racing. with. other. people. makes my blood run cold. I know, why bother? Well, I like Maddy (the real racer) and I like the thought of helping her complete a huge goal, even if it isn't one I hold for myself.
Also, today our preschooler "graduated". While I am not a fan of graduations for everything - preschool, kindergarten, 6th grade, 8th grade, etc. ( I had a teacher once in jr high say she felt it was excessive and ruined the big moment of accomplishment of high school graduation if there was a ceremony for practically every grade. I have to say I have always agreed.) it was a cute program. Just Tyler and I were there cheering our graduate on, but she didn't mind. She sang her cute little heart out and we brought video home to show Daddy who was sick and stayed home. One kid out for the summer, another to go! Ty doesn't get out for another two weeks (ugh!!). We are all so ready for school to be DONE!

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