Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still In Recovery

Busy weekends are (frequently) the best kind. We had one of those whirlwind weekends that left the house in shambles, but was still great. There were ballet lessons, a baby shower, birthday party, craft show, antique fair and sushi dinner out. All in one weekend. I wish I could say that we aren’t always so busy, but that would be a lie.  We love that there are so many reasons to celebrate in our lives. It’s tiring, but a good tiring.


Saturday night Aaron and I, along with Shannon and her amazing daughter Brigit hung out at Park Your Art. It was fun. Really really fun. The I can’t wait to do it again soon kind of fun. Plus, it’s lovely seeing your creations go to a good home. I went home with a significantly lighter table than I started out with. Woot! On Saturday I ran into one half of my favorite duo Grouse and Badger. Sheri and Lisa are two of my favorite crafter and antiques dealers in the world and they love my little monsters. I few months back I promised to bring the kids by their 2nd Sunday Antiques booth and pulled out at the last minute leaving them heartbroken.

cold baby

Ok, maybe not heartbroken, but unhappy that they didn’t get any baby cuddles from that little dumpling up there. So, naturally I packed up my family and dragged them all over to the WX in freezing windy pollen laced weather to give the Grouse and Badger hugs. Sheri and Lisa were sweet as pie as always and gave my girls each a vintage doll and my boy a wooden sea captain. Too fun! Charlotte hasn’t been without her baby since and Lily pretty much pulled her baby’s hair out as soon as we got into the car. Now it’s pretty scary looking! 


Miss Lily modeling her favorite of my brooches re-born as headbands. Much cuter.


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