Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She Only Looks Innocent

This little bundle of sweetness took mommy's keys and stashed them somewhere. Today went from potentially productive work day to a "girls day" filled with girlie movies like Eloise in the Plaza. We are rolling with the punches, here.


  1. LOL! So yeah, I was at my niece's birthday tea party/movie/slumber party...and my sister's friend brought her 4 year old daughter. Not only did she destroy the cake, she made a hurricane in my niece's room! Including throwing around all my things that were neatly packed away on one side of the room! Throwing around my hello kitty sewing machine & my jeans which happened to have my keys in the pocket! Trying to find my shoes was fun!

  2. oh no! She wrecked the cake, too!? wow!! Gotta just love kids.

  3. Claire,
    I remember finding my keys hidden in the pocket of our jogging stroller. Enjoy these days-they go by so fast!!!!


  4. haha! But, she looks so sweet and innocent!!! Hope it's a short-term inconvenience and she can remember where her little hands dropped them! Nothing better than Eloise to right a day-gone-wrong!

  5. It happens more often than you want, but you will look back and realize these were the big things that brought you joy! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blog award, so if interested come check it out.

  6. Yvonne! Thanks so much! I will definitely check it out!


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