Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wild Ink Press

If you aren't already in love with beautiful stationery you will be after you see the luscious designs that Rebekah Tennis of Wild Ink Press designs and hand letterpresses from her home studio in Chico, CA. I am thrilled to call her and her sweet husband friends and though we were so sad to see them move away from Sacramento, I am more thrilled that the move helped them to be able to start Wild Ink Press. Every year their Christmas card is the one that I wait by the mailbox for because I know that it will be a lovingly created card thhttp://at always feels special. Those are the best kinds of cards - the ones you know the sender thought long and hard about and weren't on sale at Target the week before (like some I have sent out).

Rebekah chronicles her beautiful, creative life on her blog which is such a treat to look at. Definitely take time browse through her studio tour and photos from her marketing events. Bee. Yew. Ti. FUL.

If you are going to take the time to write a card or a note or a letter, make sure to do it on stationary as special as the person you are writing to. And make sure to check out Wild Ink Press. Tell her Claire sent ya.

All photos from the Wild Ink Press website

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